How do I upload a photo to my classified ad?

How do I upload a photo to my classified ad?

How do I upload a Photo to my Ad?

When you place an ad, you may have the option of adding a photograph in print, online or both depending the the type of package you select.

Please note the arrow(s) and/or highlighted portions in the images below. These will show you where on the screen you can find some of the areas that will be mentioned.

1. During the 'Web Ad' step, Please find the 'Photo Upload' Section of the screen. If you are unsure how to get to this portion of the ad placement process, please visit our Ad Placement Tutorial for further assistance.

Please click on the 'Browse' Button and locate your photo on your computer via the pop-up window that will appear. Click on your photo and select 'Open' from the window.
2. Once your first photo has been uploaded to the system and and appears in the box, please repeat step one to upload any other photos you may have.

If done correctly, your photos will appear in the boxes as shown in the image.
3. To add your photo in Print, please locate the 'Photo in Print' option during step 3, the 'Print Ad' step. Please click on the check box and select the photo you wish to use for your print ad.

You will know the photo has been added correctly when you see it appear in the 'Preview' area to the right. Unlike the web version of your ad, you may only select one (1) photo to appear in print.

Note: Not all pricing packages and/or classifications offer the option of adding a photo to a print ad, therefore, this option may not exist in your particular ad.

Please note that users on slower internet connections may experience difficulty in uploading photos depending on the size and resolution of the photo. Photo files cannot be larger that 2 MB. The following formats are acceptable: GIF, JPG, and TIF.

If you need assistance at any time during the ad placement process, please contact us via email, Facebook, telephone at 1-877-223-7355 or you can visit our website by clicking here and opening a ticket with our support team.

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