When will my newspaper ad appear?

When will my newspaper ad appear?

When Will My Ad Appear?

When placing your ad, you choose the days you would like it to run for print and online. A calendar will show you what days are available. (See figure below) Please note that if you have selected a package that includes both a newspaper and an online ad, you will see this calendar during both creation steps. Each calendar determines the start date for that particular product. For example, the calendar on the 'Web Ad' step only determines the dates for the online ad while the calendar on the 'Print Ad' step only determines the run dates for the newspaper ad. If you are placing an online only ad, you will not have a print ad portion to complete and therefore will not see the 'Print Ad' calendar.

Date Selection for your Online ad. This appears in Step 2, the 'Web Ad' step

Date Selection for your Newspaper ad. This appears in Step 3, the 'Print Ad' step

Dates in grey and blue are not available, however, dates in White are available. Once you select a date, the run schedule for your ad will turn orange.

The available dates are determined by individual newspaper Deadlines and in certain cases, newspaper classification run days (ie: Certain newspapers will only run 'Garage Sale' types of ads on Saturdays & Sundays, etc.). In most cases, you need to place your newspaper ad at least 2 days before you would like it to run in the print. Please be aware that once you choose the dates, print ads must clear review at the newspaper before they appear. This normally takes one business day, but occasionally can take a little longer. You will receive an email when your ad has been approved.

If you need assistance at any time during the ad placement process, please contact us via email, Facebook, telephone at 1-877-223-7355 or you can visit our website by clicking here and opening a ticket with our support team.

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