Ad Placement Tutorial

Ad Placement Tutorial

Ad Placement Tutorial

To place a Classified ad via the website, please follow these simple instructions. Please note the arrow(s) and/or highlighted portions in the images below. These will show you where on the screen you can find some of the areas that will be mentioned.

1. Please visit the Newspaper Website's Classified ads main page and click on the "Get Started" Button.
2. Select the proper Category and Classification for your particular ad from the Drop-Down Menu on the next screen. For this example, we will use Pets.

Note: If you are unsure of which category your ad should fall under, please contact us via email at or telephone at 877-223-7355 for assistance.
3. Select the package you wish to purchase for your ad by clicking on the name of the package (ie: Gold Package, Silver Package, etc). You will be able to view the different run lengths; print lines included and cost differences. Once you have chosen which package is best for your needs, click on it.

Certain packages are for Online only ads while others are for both Print and Online ads, please read each package description carefully before making your selection.
4. The next screen will be where you will create the online version of your Ad. This is also known as the "Web Ad" step as you can see highlighted at the top of your screen.

Any fields with a red asterisk ( * ) are required and must be completed. Also, please note the 'Price' field. This is where you enter the price for your item in whole dollar amounts. Special characters such as dollar signs and decimal points are not permitted. For example, if your price is One Hundred Forty Five dollars, you would enter it into the price field as 145 and not $145.00.
5. In the next area are all of the Online Ad Enhancements. These are very useful extras to make your ad stand out from the rest. If you wish to purchase one or more of these, please click on the box next to the one you would like. For this example, we are selecting 'Featured Ad' and 'Online Graphic - Paws'.
6. The next section will allow you to upload a Photo for your ad. To do this, please click on the 'Browse' Button and locate your photo on your computer via the pop-up window that will appear. Click on your photo and select 'Open' from the window. All photos must be under 2MB in size and in JPG, GIF or TIF format.
7. The final step for creating your Online Ad is the 'Online Schedule'. Please select an available day from the calendar to start your ad and click on it. The dates your ad will run will highlight in orange. For this example, our ad will start July 9th and run through July 22nd. Once your dates are chosen, please select 'Next' below the calendar.
8. This is where you create the ad that will appear in the newspaper if your package provides a Print component.

Note that information from the WebAd has been brought over automatically into the left side of the screen in the 'Headline', 'Body' and 'Tagline' boxes.

Since the selected package only includes 4 lines in Print, it is charging additional line fees. You can either accept the fees and proceed or you can remove content from the 'Headline', 'Body' and 'Tagline' boxes until the 'Preview' window on the right side reflects only 4 Lines and no additional charges appear.

In the middle, you will see 'Choose a Print Feature'. Here you can purchase additions to your print ad such as adding a photo in print, adding a border or background shading. To do this, click on the box next to the one you wish to purchase.
9. Below you will see the calendar for your Newspaper ad run dates. This functions the same as the calendar in step 7 except this is for your print ad.

Select the date your wish your ad to run and the dates will highlight in orange. For this example, our Newspaper ad will run from July 9th to July 22nd. Once the dates are selected, click 'Next'.
10. The final screen is where you can review your ad, fill out your contact information and make your payment.

Please note: At this time, all payments must be made using a United States-based credit or debit card at the time of ad placement.
11. Please fill out all required fields in both the Contact Details, Billing Details and Credit Card Details sections of this screen in order to complete your ad request.

This information will not be included in your ad and will only be used in case we would need to contact you.
12. Complete the Billing Details and Credit Card Details sections using the information that your bank has on file for the credit card you are using for your payment. This information must match your credit card information exactly.

Once you have completed filling out the required sections, please select 'Checkout' to submit your ad and your payment.You will know that your ad has been successfully received by our system if you see a 'Thank You' screen appear along with an email automatically sent to your inbox with your ad details.

If you need assistance at any time during the ad placement process, please contact us via email, Facebook, telephone at 1-877-223-7355 or you can visit our website by clicking here and opening a ticket with our support team.

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